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Kavalan Distillery Select No. 1 Single Malt Taiwanese Whisky - 700ml

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The name Kavalan means ‘flatland people’ and is named after the local indigenous tribes who originally inhabited the area. The land on which the distillery sits is known for its cold spring water and salty ocean air and let’s not forget the subtropical heat which helps with accelerated maturation taking the whisky only two years to produce.

“We strive to produce quality and distinctive Taiwanese whisky and we are confident that it will please the whisky connoisseurs worldwide. Kavalan whisky is now available in most European countries and will be launched in the US and Russia very soon. Our goal is to make Kavalan available globally.”- Ian Cheng Kavalan Distillery Master Distiller

Construction on the King Car distillery began in 2005 and was completed in December 2005, only taking 9 months to complete. Master Blender Ian Chang along with world renowned whisky consultant Dr Jim Swan collaborated together to oversee the distilleries vision.The distillery is has been built with many features you would find in a Scottish distillery, copper pot stills from Scotland made by the Forsyth’s Company, as well as Holstein stills. The fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to protect it from the sub-tropical climate of Taiwan.  The distillery must combat the high heat and humidity of Taiwan, the spirit vapours are cooled using both tube condensers and sub-coolers. The warehouse houses 30,000 casks stacked five high then tied together because of the high risk of earthquakes in the region.

The top floors of this warehouse can reach up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, causing an angel’s share of no less than 15% annually. The distilleries most memorable awards coming from the Whisky Magazine’s most prestigious awards Icons of Whisky being named ‘Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year’ in 2011′, The Kavalan Fino being named Asian Whisky of the Year 2013, and The Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique being named 2015 World Whisky of the Year’

ABV: 40%
SIZE: 700ml

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Single Malt

Flavour Profile


Midnight amber


Light & Tropical Fruits,Oak & Vanilla,Honey & Chocolate,

Tasting Notes


Delicate and silky. Full with the scent of ripened tropical fruits, fragrant floral notes and warm vanilla


Elegant, perfectly balanced and easy to drink. The rich and complex layers of butterscotch, toffee and vanilla are a further endorsement of our rigorous cask policy

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