AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Double Bundle

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A double pack of both our AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Releases

1x Mezcal Cask | 700ml - 54% ABV 

Australia's first-ever Mezcal Cask from Kilchoman. A unique and almost experimental whisky, this bottling brings the roasted overtones of mezcal into play with the renowned peat flavour of Kilchoman and Islay single malt whisky in general. 

1x Sauternes Cask | 700ml - 55.4% ABV 
Australia's first-ever Sauternes Cask from Kilchoman. A complex whisky that defies its age with the perfect balance of sweet and peat that you can expect from Kilchoman, with extra layers of flavour added by being finished in a Sauternes Cask.


SIZE: 700ml

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Australian Whisky Appreciation Society (AWAS)

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Single Malt

Flavour Profile


Honey & Chocolate,Peated,Oak & Vanilla,Herbal & Spice,Maritime,

Tasting Notes


AWAS Exclusive Mezcal Cask
Burnt caramel, raisins, fresh fruits and light peat smoke

AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Sauternes Cask
Orange peel, candied fruits and buttery sweetness with fresh peat smoke


AWAS Exclusive Mezcal Cask
Tropical fruits and citrus notes with vanilla sweetness, milk chocolate and subtle warming smoke

AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Sauternes Cask
Honied apricots, butterscotch sweetness and malted barley sugars with floral notes, citrus zest and integrated smoke


AWAS Exclusive Mezcal Cask
Long and clean with juicy fruits, integrated peat and sweet vanilla pods

AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Sauternes Cask
A balance of powerful sweet notes and waves of light smoke

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