AWAS Batch 2 + Free AWAS Glencairn Glass
AWAS Batch 2 + Free AWAS Glencairn Glass


AWAS Batch 2 + Free AWAS Glencairn Glass


AWAS Batch 2 Is a Delicious, Smokey Fruit Bowl with an ABV of 64.3%.

Australian Whisky Appreciation Society


Bottles: 178
ABV: 64.3%
Cask: 1960 ex Barossa Valley French Oak Muscat Hogshead, re-coopered with 1960's Sherry Heads into a 100L Cask by Master Cooper Andrew Young
Size: 500ml


Dark Toffee Coloured


Sweet Smoke, Baking Spices, Dried Fruits, Figs, Prunes, Raisins and Caramel Squares


Expect Pepper and Ginger Spice, Dates, Dried Figs, Mince Pie, Toffee, Stewed Prunes, Raisins With a Touch of Dried Apricots All Held Together by Sweet Smoke.


Big and Rich, Dried Fruits, Sweet Smoke

The Story

The Cask

The origin of this unique piece of craftsmanship began a year before the cask was filled when AWAS founder, Niko Devlin, reached out to Master Cooper Andrew Young in search of a one of a kind Muscat cask.

After looking high & low for oak that met the criteria, Master Cooper Young located a French oak Muscat hogshead that was sitting in a Barossa valley farm shed.

First filled in 1960, the cask had experienced huge evaporation over many years from direct sunlight exposure. The barrels were last topped up in the late 80's when there was a grape surplus.

The heads are sherry from the 1964 era, bringing together, in our opinion, one of the highest quality and unique casks Australia has to offer.

The Spirit

Once this exceptional barrel was in hand, Niko went on the hunt for the perfect New-Make Spirit that would complement this unique cask profile. Ultimately, a heavily peated spirit of NSW origin was selected.

The History

Charles Purcell Captain of the Brig Jack sailed from Deal, Kent on January 4, 1841. The only passenger being Mrs Jane Purcell. The Voyage must have been a harrowing experience for Jane as she was pregnant & suffering from continual sea sickness.

The first child of Charles and Jane, Jane Maria was born on the Brig Jack in Sydney Cove opposite the Customs House on the May 25th, 1841. Jane Maria was the first ancestor of AWAS founder, Niko Devlin, born in Australia.

180 years later, we bottle this whisky in her honour & commemorate 180 years of Australian lineage. This digital artwork created by Niko Devlin is a depiction of the Brig Jack on that voyage that took place so long ago.

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