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AWAS Exclusive Single Casks

Get Both Bottles for Only $369

This is the first time two Aussie-exclusive Kilchoman single casks have been released together, and the first Kilchoman Sauternes and Mezcal casks bottled exclusively for Australia.

AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Mezcal Cask

ABV: 54%

Age: 8 Years

Cask: Mezcal

Size: 700mL

AWAS Exclusive Kilchoman Sauternes Cask

ABV: 55.4%

Age: 7 Years

Cask: Sauternes Size: 700mL

$199 ea. + shipping or grab both for just $369 + shipping during presale and also receive a free 15ml sample with every double pack purchase.

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