The Australian Whisky Appreciation Society (AWAS) was founded by Niko Devlin in 2014. Following his passion for whisky, he rounded up a small circle of like-minded friends on social media and created the AWAS Facebook Group for all to share their love of whisky. While AWAS is a beacon for all things related to whisky, our core focus is on the local industry and raising awareness on the amazing whiskies produced in Australia.

AWAS is now one the largest and most active online communities of people who love whisky. Our mission has always been to provide a platform for people to share and discover everything about whisky, no matter what stage of their whisky journey they’re at.

We are now onto the next phase of our evolution.

Welcome to the new online Headquarters of the Australian Whisky Appreciation Society. After having purchased our first barrel of whisky in 2015, we’re excited to say that we’ve built up a small stock of single malt varieties that we’re looking forward to releasing exclusively to our members in the near future.

We also have plenty of other whisky goodness that will become available exclusive to our members, so keep an eye on this space!