French, German, Taiwanese, Canadian, and South African whisky. World whisky, external from the typical whisky regions, is an exciting journey into culture and innovation. Hunt for your next dram amongst the best whiskies in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

World Whisky Day

For one day every year, seasoned whisky connoisseurs and fresh faces alike are encouraged to share a dram and celebrate the history, culture, and refined flavours of our liquor of choice.

On the third Saturday in May, people gather together or take a solitary moment to honour the age-old traditions of whisky-making. It is a day of enjoyment, community, new experiences, old favourites, and, most importantly – good spirits.

So, invite your friends, family, and fellow whisky-lovers to try a new dram and share what you know; maybe you will find a new favourite.

Award-Winning Whiskies of the World

With the resurgence of whisky in Ireland and countries like Japan and Australia making a bold statement, many distilleries worldwide are producing premium-class, award-winning whiskies.

The International Whisky Competition highlights some of these excellent whiskies and is a great place to find your next dram.

Kavalan Distillery Reserve Peated Malt Single Cask Strength

Taiwan has a humble role in the worldwide production of whisky. Still, Kavalan Distillery has won several awards on the international stage, with its Kavalan Distillery reserve peated malt single cask strength single malt whisky taking the grand prize. This award-winning dram is a real collector’s item with complex dried fruit and nutty flavours.

Starward Unexpeated

Starward Distillery is producing magic out of its bustling site in Melbourne. The Unexpeated is a continuation of form with heavily peated whisky barrels from Islay, which works wonders with their Australian wine barrelled style. Try the Starward Nova or Solera for a similar but unpeated dram to compare.

Indri - Single Malt - The Three Wood (Trini)

Indian whisky is a rarely discussed quiet achiever, especially with the recent recognition of this single malt at the 2021 International Whisky Competition. Named Trini, meaning three woods, after the trifecta of barrels used to age the batch; ex-wine, ex-sherry cask, and ex-bourbon. The complex flavours boast a dram worthy of comparison to some of the best whiskies in the world.


What is the most expensive whisky in the world?

The title of most expensive whisky in the world falls to Isabella’s Islay, a diamond-encrusted bottle containing one of the most sought-after drops ever made. Many other whiskies are notably expensive, such as the Yamakazi 55yo and 50yo whiskies, netting over 1 million AUD each. The Macallan Lalique, in its various aged casks, is widely regarded as some of the most expensive whisky available also.

What is the best whisky in the world?

Whisky enjoyment is more than a simple profile, with your own enrichment with history, enjoyment, company, and personal tastes to be considered. Nonetheless, we love comparison and competition, so here are some of the most widely regarded whiskies to pine for.

Glenmorangie Signet, rich in history and unique flavour, Ardbeg Uigeadail, voted the favourite Ardberg whisky, which easily speaks enough to its quality, Bowmore 12yo, a very affordable dram that punches well above its weight, and Sullivan's Cove French Oak Cask arguably put Australian whisky on the map with its World Whisky Award victory in 2014.

Any of these whiskies could easily be the best in the world, but the better question is, what whisky do you rate highest?

What is the oldest whisky in the world?

Since glass is inert, whisky stops maturing the moment it is bottled, so the age of a whisky is considered to only include the time spent barrelled.

Until early 2022, the oldest whisky bottled was the Gordon & MacPhail Generations, 80-Years-Old from Glenlivet Distillery, a truly ancestral dram. However, currently, the oldest whisky in the world is The Macallan Reach from The Macallan Distillery in the Highland region of Scotland. First barrelled in 1940, just before the second world war, this old whisky was recently decanted into 288 bottles and sells for just under $200,000 AUD. But only if you manage to find one.

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