Rare Whisky

As whisky connoisseurs, we are always on the hunt for something special, something old, and something rare. Motorheads drive modern, fast cars yet also desire to own old antiques and limited collectables. Likewise, whisky enjoyment includes the pleasure of a new dram and the fascination of rich history and stories told. Rare whisky is the culmination of both aspects – a remarkable combination for any aficionado.

Find Rare Whisky in Australia

With our involvement in the Australian Whisky Awards, rare Australian whisky is no mere side interest. Limited-release Australian whiskies express the ingenuity and daring of Australian distillers, and these award-winning bottles are excellent for tasting and collecting.

Lark Christmas Cask Release III

This small batch dram combines the techniques of the renowned Lark Distillery with a generous helping of festive flavours. Using jus baked into fruit mince pies in Tasmanian red wine casks, Lark Christmas Cask Release III is an interesting bottle and a great collector’s item.

Overeem Bourbon 12-Year-old

The 12-year-old cask strength batch, matured in bourbon barrels, is an immensely popular and now hard-to-find dram. Whether shared with (very lucky) colleagues or honoured with a high place in your collection, it is a bottle many Australian connoisseurs desire.

Experts in Rare Scotch Whisky

As the oldest functioning whisky-producing region, Scotland has plenty to inspire the collectors’ spirit. From the deepest cellars in Islay, Highland, Lowland, Speyside, and Campbeltown, old casks are opened with intrigue and celebration, ready to offer the next rare whisky for you to hunt down.

AWAS Offers Rare Whisky for Your Collection

With our regular AWAS batch releases and limited Overeem, Black Gate, Kilchoman, Glen Scotia, Starward, and many more batches, AWAS offers rare whisky for collectors with a discerning eye.

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What makes a rare whisky?

Rare whiskies are bottles you won’t easily find in your local shop. Limited batch releases, old, shelved bottles, and storied, single productions are especially hard to find – but the finding is half the fun.

A limited-release bottle your colleagues will almost certainly be unable to find elsewhere makes the perfect addition to your whisky collection and a rare treat to sample.

How long will a whisky last unopened?

Glass is inert, so once the whisky leaves the cask, theoretically, it will last indefinitely, provided it is unopened and stored correctly. We recommend you store your old bottles in a climate-controlled environment, away from sunlight, and upright to preserve the barrier between the cork and the liquid.

Once opened, most whiskies will remain uninfluenced by the atmosphere for several months but should be consumed within a year or two.

Which whiskies are worth collecting?

Your whisky collection is an object of pride, so any whisky you find to be of high quality or sentimentally appealing is an obvious inclusion in your display. Generally, limited release, hard to find, particularly old, and no longer produced whiskies make better collector’s items as they cannot be easily replaced.

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