From the finest Scotch single-malt whisky, quality Bourbons, Tennessee, and Irish whiskeys, to the best expressions from Japan, Australia, and the world, find your next dram right here.

The Australian Whisky Appreciation Society

For whisky lovers everywhere, AWAS finds, curates, and recommends whiskies to sample and add to your collection. Founded by Niko Devlin in 2014, AWAS is defined by its extraordinary community of whisky enthusiasts and their shared passion for the water of life.

AWAS has the Best Whisky for Your Collection

From tirelessly rummaging through old shelves in local cellars to searching far and wide for the next great dram, collectors and enthusiasts, new or experienced alike, know AWAS is the place to find the best whisky.

With Australian limited-release bottles from Lark, Overeem, and Black Gate, Scotch selections from The Glenlivet, The Glendronach, and Kilchoman, and curated world whiskies that innovate and excel, AWAS offers the best recommendations for any whisky lover.

Whisky vs Whiskey

Why do we sometimes spell whisky with an ‘e’? All whisky is based (more or less) on the traditional Scottish distilling methods, whereas whiskey (with an ‘e’) is only produced in Ireland or the US.

There are a few reasons for this, and a useful distinction is in the ingredients used. Scotch whisky is produced predominantly from malted barley, whereas American and Irish whiskey includes many grains for their expressions. The difference in spelling is interestingly from a distinction between the original Scottish and Irish Gaelic from where the word originates. Irish distillers of old also used the ‘e’ to further distinguish themselves from the, then perceived, poorer quality of Scotch. In style and name, American whiskey, including Tennessee and Bourbon, descends from the Irish style.


How do you drink whisky?

While many whisky lovers are absolute purists and only enjoy the experience neat or with a small amount of water, whisky can be enjoyed in many ways.

To experience the full range of flavours in a dram, gather the nose, then try it neat. A few drops of water can open your palette to a more complex whisky – the water from the distillery is best as it will not impart unintended characteristics.

But once you do right by the distillers and sample their expression in its purest form, feel free to enjoy the bottle in any way you enjoy. Many whisky lovers prefer their drink ‘on the rocks’ (with ice) or in a mixer, though water or soda water maintains the flavours the best. Many whisky cocktails, such as the Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned, or Manhattan, are also widely loved.

As lovers of whisky, we encourage absolute enjoyment, generous sharing, and great company.

How is whisky made?

Whether in the form of the classic peated single-malt, discerning blend, long-matured, or innovative creation, whisky is produced in many ways. The short telling is a mash of grain (usually malted barley), distilled, casked, and aged for (usually) a minimum of three years.

With single-malt, the most variation comes from the barrels used to mature the whisky, with sherry, bourbon, and wine casks being quite popular. Grain whiskeys like Bourbon, Tennessee, and some Irish whiskeys are distilled in Coffey or column stills, differing from the Scotch style pot stills. Some are double or triple distilled for a more intense expression and a higher proof, while some whiskies are casked multiple times to impart complex or more intense flavour profiles.

Different countries have their legal stipulations for the minimum requirements of whisky distilling; where Scotch is quite strict, American or Australian whisky leaves more room for variation. The end result is a vast playground of style, flavour, history, culture, and novelty for the better enjoyment of whisky lovers worldwide.

What is a good whisky for beginners?

For a new whisky drinker, alone or mentored by a colleague or friend, it is helpful to try a range of whiskies to see what sparks your interest.

Something whisky connoisseurs find enjoyment in is the cultivation, telling, and retelling of traditions, history, innovation, and techniques surrounding their drink of choice. An excellent place to start your whisky journey may be with miniatures and samples. Try multiple whisky brands without the buy-in of establishing a collection and join the hunt for the next dram.

How should I store my whisky?

The best place for a bottle of whisky, either in a collection or alone, is in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, yet still within view. Unopened bottles can last indefinitely kept upright in these conditions, and pre-enjoyed whiskies can maintain their initial quality for many months.

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