Once again, Sullvans Cove sells out a new release before anyone has a chance to write anything about it.

A marriage of portions of eight different casks ranging from 10 to 14 years, batch number DC105 has been aged in portions of American oak ex-Bourbon casks, ex-tawny casks and portions of two French oak casks previously used to mature Australian white wine.

NOSE: Dried apple and ripe pear, custard with nutmeg on top and homemade apricot jam cooking on the stove. Vanilla bean, gingerbread, and a deep, floral toffee fill the nose, with notes of lemon verbena and mint offering brightness.

PALATE: Initially, a big wave of toffee and candied orange with lots of berry jam. Warm, ripe citrus flavours and a medley of dark, sweet notes like preserved plums, honey straight from the comb, burnt sugar and molasses with a huge, dreamy texture.

FINISH: Vanilla sponge with blackcurrant jam, liquorice, coriander seed and ginger. Lingering, ripe, tropical fruits like mango, who sits and watches the warm citrus notes sink into the sea like a sunset.

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