Joadja has announced the release of its first ‘paddock-to-bottle’ whisky, placing it among the very few grain-to-glass distilleries operating in the world.

Without any spraying, Joadja sows and harvests their own barley grown at Joadja Valley on the fertile creek flats, and they use pristine water from the Joadja spring.

No spraying. No adjuncts. No additives. No enzymes. No added nutrients.

This milestone release has been double distilled in traditional copper pot stills powered by the sun and aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

Joadja Single Malt Whisky Release No 10 Ex Bourbon Cask is bottled at 62.9% ABV and is available in 500-mL bottles.

Visit their website to pick up arguably one of the most authentic Australian whiskies.