Hobart Whisky has announced that it is working with The Distiller’s Collection to release their new Pedro Ximenez cask.

Bottled at 53.5% and released exclusively through The Distiller’s Collection, a group dedicated to offering exceptional small batch gin and exclusive whisky offerings from Australia’s distillering heartland, this whisky was matured in a re-coopered 30-L French oak Pedro Ximenez cask that was laid down back in June 2016.

To get your hands on a bottle, you will need to sign-up to the Distiller’s Collection whisky collection here by Sunday December 8.

All orders this month will receive a 250-ml Hobart Whisky BBQ Sauce free with their order, and you can use the code ‘first200’ to get a 15% discount.

Tasting notes from Hobart Whisky:

Colour: Antique gold

Nose: Rich, dark and deep with hints of dark chocolate and brandied prunes. Restrained alcohol with profound sweetness.

Palate: An enormous blast of rich and powerful sweet and creamy marzipan icing gives way to the rolling thunder of the warm and comforting alcohol with a great sense of old oak, toasted nuts and muscatels, glazed almonds and pralines. This dram carries the high alcohol with elegance and ease as the PX influence endows the spirit with wonderfully complex dark sweetness.

Finish: The PX cask delivers the goods with a long, sweet and ultimately slightly dry and oaky departure after much delightful savouring of the diverse and elegant richness of this classy dram.