Single Malt Reimagined. American Whiskey Elevated.

As an American Single Malt, Westward has reimagined what a single malt whiskey can be: brewing it like a pale ale, distilling it like a traditional single malt, and aging it like a bourbon. The result is a robust spirit -- the pinnacle of American whiskey.

Reimagining something that is already perceived as great embodies the spirit of the Northwest, where makers are constantly trying to perfect and improve upon existing ideas and products. The result of this relentless pursuit of imaginative perfection is a bold, award-winning liquid.

The History Behind the Whiskey

Westward began in 2004 when Founder & Master Distiller Christian Krogstad – a former brewer and winemaker – had a vision: to make a distinctive American Single Malt inspired by the American Northwest and the region's culture, climate, and abundant natural resources that have earned such reverence and renown.

At the time, there were only three dozen craft distilleries in the U.S. Today, helmed by Christian and Thomas Mooney, who joined the team as Founder & CEO in 2011 to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a whiskey entrepreneur, Westward is a proud leader among more than 2,200 producers.

From humble beginnings to its impressive footprint today, creating a bold, robust, and delicious American Single Malt has remained the team’s true passion.

Both Westward ReleasesBarrel 754 & Barrel 349 - Two AWAS Exclusive Westward Bottlings

About Westward

Westward is a whiskey of the elements, born from the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the American Northwest. Each expression is matured to perfection in Oregon, where hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world-class whiskey.

The abundance of the region gives both the best raw materials and the best craftspeople. The Westward team works hard to hone their craft daily and they love what they do. Westward values honesty, creativity, authenticity and the spirit of collaboration. For nearly two decades, the team has brought something new, different, and relevant to whiskey, and Westward is proud to serve as a leading voice for American Single Malt Whiskey.

At Westward, there are no shortcuts, and therein lies the beauty. The pursuit of perfection centers on creating flavour in every step of the long, slow process.

Step 1: Brewing

Brew an artisanal American Ale from scratch, using locally malted barley, ale yeast, and a slow, low temperature fermentation.

Step 2: Distillation

Distill twice in custom low-reflux pot stills that we designed to create a robust spirit, and transform the fresh, flavourful ale into whiskey.

Step 3: Maturation

Whiskey is matured to perfection in new, lightly charred American Oak barrels selected to accentuate the bold characteristics of Westward’s whiskey.

The final result is a reimagined and elevated single malt American whiskey. Westward is distinct, rich, brazen, and full of flavour. Balanced and bold.

We hope you will enjoy this upcoming AWAS Exclusive double release as much as we do.

Westward Double Release